Top 5 Best Virtual Credit Card Generator Or VCC Generator

virtual credit card generator

Virtual Credit Card Generator Or VCC Generator

Virtual Credit Card Generator – If you are searching for a method to get unlimited virtual Debit Cards or Virtual Credit Cards. Or a method to generate unlimited Credit Cards, then You are at right place. In this post I will mention Top 5 Best Virtual Credit Cards Generator.

Virtual Credit card can be used for Online transactions. They are of two types:-

  1. Single Use Virtual Credit Card
  2. Multiple use Virtual Credit Card

Single Use virtual Credit Cards or VCC is that Virtual card which will be automatically disposable after single use. They can be used for a single transactions or these cards are automatically disposable after 24-48 hrs if not used.

Whereas multiple use Credit cards or VCC are those Virtual Cards which can be used for More than one transactions or For multiple transactions. These cards are not disposed unless they blocked.

There are many apps and websites on the internet where you can generate Unlimited Credit Cards or Unlimited Virtual Debit Cards or VCC. Many of those website and apps are fake and vulnerable.

Virtual Credit cards cannot be used to withdraw money from ATM or withdraw Cash.

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Mostly Virtual Credit Cards are mostly issued by VISA & MASTERCARD.

Virtual Credit Cards or VCC are the safest way to transact online. Because in this the merchant or fraudster can’t get your real Cards or Bank details. What they get is just Virtual Debit Cards details which can be disposed any time and without any cost.

Unlike Physical or Real cards, these virtual credit cards are free and can be issued to the user instantly.

Where Virtual Credit Cards are useful

  • In online transaction where website is trustful.
  • For Latest Cashback offers.
  • In purchasing Websites or services trail.
  • Enjoying same offer unlimited times.
  • For single use transaction.


Method to Generate Unlimited Virtual Credit Cards

1st Virtual Credit Card Generator

Kotak 811 Account – My first and top most platform to generate best quality and those cards which are usable on every website. Then my first priority goes to Kotak 811. Kotak 811 is a virtual wallet like Paytm or Phonepe, Owned and launched by Kotak Mahindra Bank. The cards of this wallet are of high quality Bin. Bin means the first six digits of a card. You can generate Credit cards from Kotak 811 app by below process:-kotak 811 debit card generator

  1. Install Kotak 811 app & Open an account in that app.
  2. You need to be an indian and need to properly verify your account by KYC.
  3. After Fully opening of account, Go to 811 Section in 811 app.
  4. There you can see your Virtual credit card there.

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2nd Virtual credit card generator

Kotak Netcard – Kotak Netcard is the service started by Kotak mahindra bank to provide safe guard to its customers from online fraud. You can generate a prepaid card. And then you can use it for any online transaction. The main advantage of this credit card generator that you can set the maximum spendable limit of the credit card. To generate a virtual credit card from kotak netcard, you need to have a kotak saving account. Then You can generate this kotak netcard visa card. Process to generate kotak netcard card is as follows:kotak netcard credit card generator

  1. Click here & login to kotak netbanking.
  2. In Header menu click on More option.
  3. There you can see Netcard option in the list.
  4. Then a new window will open.
  5. There you will be asked to enter the amount and then click on Go.
  6. And instantly a new credit card with the desired amount will generate.


3rd Virtual Credit card generator

HDFC Netsafe – HDFC Netsafe is just like kotak Netcard , To generate the virtual credit card you need to have HDFC Account & HDFC Card. HDFC Netsafe is more efficient and more powerful then Kotak netcard. But on the basis on which I place Kotak netcard to 2nd position is that to generate HDFC Netsafe (Virtual Credit Card) you need have a real HDFC Debit card. But in Kotak there is no such requirement of Debit Card. So below is the full process to generate the virtual credit card generator from HDFC netsafe credit card generator

  1. Visit here & open netsafe account.
  2. There you can see an option to generate HDFC Netsafe.
  3. Enter amount and your netsafe virtual credit card is ready.


4th Virtual Credit Card Generator

Entropay – Entropay is an instant global money transfer platform where you can easily transfer funds globally. And also this website mainly provide the services of VISA Virtual card. In this website you can easily topUp wallet and can generate a VISA Virtual credit card in minutes. You can easily generate 1 credit card from 1 account but to generate more virtual credit card, you need to verify the account by submitting the documents. This virtual credit card generator works mainly in all nations. Below are the steps to generate the virtual credit card from Entropay virtual credit card generator.entropay credit card generator

  1. Visit entropay website & Signup for a new account.
  2. Verify your Email address.
  3. On dashboard click on Create card.
  4. After then Enter amount and top up wallet.
  5. After successful payment, You can see your prepaid visa credit card.

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5th Virtual Credit Card Generator

SBI Buddy App – SBI Buddy is a wallet issued by State bank of India. This wallet is just like paytm , freecharge or phonepe. In this app you can top up your wallet and can generate a virtual credit card easily. This is the best Indian virtual credit card generator. To use this app you don’t need to have an SBI Bank account. Just like a normal app. You can topup your account and can generate a virtual card instantly. Steps to generate the virtual credit card as buddy card

  1. Download and Install SBI Buddy app.
  2. Open app & Create an account.
  3. Top up your wallet with the desired amount.
  4. On the dashboard you can a MASTERCARD Pic.
  5. Click on it, and proceed to further steps given in the app to generate the card.


Conclusion – Above I provided my most favourite 5 platforms to generate the Virtual VISA or Mastercard Virtual Credit card. Expect SBI Buddy, all platforms cards are international usable. But only SBI Buddy cards are Indian Usable. Entropay is the only platform which deals in dollars not in Indian currency. So you Can generate Virtual card from kotak netcard or from HDFC Netsafe to use that card on Entropay. So Hope you like this list.