How To Start A Blog in 4 Easy Steps with Hostgator

How to start a website

Starting a blog in old times just looks like an software engineer’s tasks. Because in that time to start a website or blog, you need to hire a software engineer or we can say a coder. Who fully design your website, like coding the website’s home page, widgets, menus etc. And all this put a heavy burden on your pockets.

But now a days starting a website is just like downloading a music file from internet. Designing & maintaining of the website is now just work like a drag and drop. And about coding, forgot it. And it is now light for your pocket too because you did not need any coder to design the website and maintaining it.

Why to start a website? – Everyone know this is an internet era. Everything is now online. From buying to selling, from local business to international business. Internet is now profitable for your business. You can earn multiple times of your income that you are earning now by daily visiting that sucked office and dealing with silly boss and peoples. ” Be Your Own Boss”. And to capture that online earning opportunity and earn from the people online, starting a website is the basic and one the best way.

Starting a website required just 3 things. Domain name, Hosting and Mind (content)

Now if you are wondering that how to start a blog or website. Then just swipe down to see the 5 most easy and basic steps to launch your website.

Steps To Start a Blog Online

1. Buying A domain Name buying domain name

Domain name is one which will represent your business or your passion or your niche. Like,,…,, Selecting a unique and proper domain helps you to Build your Brand online. You can buy a domain name from Hostgator or Namecheap.

2. Buying Hosting Plan 

Hosting means to host (host data of your website). After selecting a domain name the most important steps is to buying a hosting plan. Anything you write or display on your website is stored in the hosting servers. But opting for the best hosting providers is not an easy task. You need to compare providers on the basis of Bandwidth, storage, support. So to save your time, i will suggest you to opt for Hostgator.

-> How to buy Hosting with Hostgator

(A.) Select the hosting package – Visit hostgator the select your required hosting plan. As a starter opt for hatchling plans

(B.) Selecting the domain – If you didn’t buy the domain by seeing step 1 then you can buy register the domain directly from hostgator in this step. If already bought then enter your registered domain.choose domain name

(C.) Enter account information – Enter account information like hosting duration, account username, email address and a security information

(D.) Confirm and Pay –  Confirm your plan and pay the required amount via credit card or via payment

Finally once amount paid hostgator will setup your hosting panel. There you can see name servers and various other features. Just note it down(nameservers) for further use.

3. Attach Domain with hosting

Once domain and hosting purchased, you need to attach them with each other to build a website. Go to domain section of your domain name provider website. Then Go to Domain > Select website > Manage DNS > Name servers and enter name servers you note down from hosting account panel. You will also receive name server from hosting provider on your email. Once this step done, Your website is ready for designing.

4. Install script and designing website

You can install any script in which you need to work like wordpress, joomla, etc. For this just navigate to C Panel from your hosting account panel. And install anyone which you want, and setup username and password. Then just login to your website and start editing like text, images themes and start creating posts. That’s all.

Conclusion – Above 4 steps shows you that how you can easily setup your website or blog. These are the 4 basic steps from selecting domain to setup the website. Hope you like it!