How To Setup & Reset Belkin.Range Extender

How to setup belkin range extender

Hi, Have a very warm welcome to articlenoob. If I am right you are here to find that how to Setup Belkin Range Extender. In this post, we will provide you the step-by-step guide that how you can easily setup Belkin Range Extender. In this Post, we will also show you that how you can reset Belkin.Range Extender. 

How To Reset Belkin Range Extender

Resetting the Belkin Range Extender is quite easy. Follow the below steps to reset or factory reset Belkin.range Extender

  1. Firstly Make sure you Router is ON
  2. Now Turn the back of the router and there You can find a Reset Button.
  3. Press the Button & Don’t leave it for 10-15 seconds. Until you can see its Start Resetting.
  4. You can use Pin, Pen or any sharp material to press that Reset Button because of it quite small and tiny.
  5. Now Just wait for 1-2 Minutes Until it Turns ON Again.
  6. That’s All You have successfully Reset the Belkin Range Extender.

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How To Setup Belkin Range ExtenderHow to setup belkin range extender

Setting up Belkin Extender Router is not easy. But if you follow all these steps carefully then you can easily set it up. Its just 5-7 Minutes work. Follow below steps to configure the Belkin Router properly.

  1. Firstly plugin the Router with your computer.
  2. Restart Your Computer or PC.
  3. Once Restart, You can see a network named Belkin Range. Connect with it.
  4. Now it will take you to the Belkin Range website i.e., Belkin.range Or http://Belkin.range
  5. If it doesn’t take you automatically to the website, then you can manually visit this website.
  6. Now on the website page, Select your network name & Follow all Steps carefully.
  7. Once all steps completed. That’s it. You have successfully configured the router or setup Belkin Range Extender.

Many people complain that the above method doesn’t work sometimes. Sometimes They can’t see the network name upon restart of the PC. So there is another method to set up Belkin range extender. That is by WPS Method. Follow below steps to setup router with WPS Method.

How To setup Belkin Range extender by WPS Method

  1. Press the WPS Button on your Range extender for 5 Second and release it.
  2. Now You can see that lights on the Belkin Range extender start flashing.
  3. Now Follow the same step on your home router too. That is press WPS Button for 5 seconds and release it.
  4. Now plugin the Belkin range extender plug in Electricity power socket.
  5. Now use your Mobile or PC and visit http://Belkin.range
  6. There select your wifi password and select next.
  7. Now select your wifi network again and click on create extended network.
  8. Now, setup your Range extender Username and password.
  9. That’s all enjoy!