List Of Top 7 Online Jobs For Students To Work From Home

online jobs for students

Hi Noob Readers! Have a warm welcome to articlenoob. This is the starting of our long journey. This is the first post on our blog. In this post, I will share with you the best top 10 online jobs for students to work from home. Many people thought that money from online is not possible. But that’s not true. There are many online companies working in India or in all over the world, which provides a legit amount of money according to the work and are 100% Genuine.

Many people also have confusion that online jobs are just part-time. But let you clear guys that you can even do online work full time. In India and also in the whole world student are generally free on vacations or after exams end. So to utilize that free time you can select these jobs option and can earn money from online easily and safely.

Before starting work online people generally asked, Do I need to make any investment to earn money from online? So to let you clear this that it depends on the job or work you select. Usually in case if you want to earn money online easily. Then there are companies which demand investment before you start working with them. Some demand this investment for security purpose or some demand it for scam purpose.

As of the fact, nearly 80% of the companies in the market are fake or scam. Many of them are even not registered with Government. They established to earn a lot of money in the short period by scam people. Some companies are those which do not give legit money for the tasks performed by users. So People feels unsafe to start work online. And they never come in this business.

So today in this post I will provide top 10 platforms or ways which gives the best, good and legit amount of money to its users. I will also provide you the way to earn in lakhs every month and will provide you the online earnings proof at last. So Let’s get started with the list of ways or jobs to earn money online for students and for working also.

List Of Top 10 Online Jobs For Students to Work From home

1. Freelancing– Freelancing means to let someone hire you for a particular task or work. Whenever you offer your services and people accept it. That process of letting your services to be hired is called Freelancing. There are many freelancing websites provide which helps you to get freelancing jobs. In freelancing, you are the price fixer. Means buyer will hire you at your fixed price. They pay you and tell you to perform the particular task or service you are providing.

For Example:- You are a singer and you are providing the service of sing a song for $100. So In this case, people will hire you that you will sing a song for them and they will give you $100.

Basically, Freelancing means to work freely as per your choice. You are not bound to accept or work under any person. You are to do or what not to do.

There are some of the well-known Freelancing platforms which provide freelancer a platform to help them to let their services bought by the sellers. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork & Guru are the best and genuine freelancing websites which help the buyers to let their service sell to buyers.

2. Typing Jobs / Typing WorkOnline Typing work and typing jobs are nowadays is a very popular online job to earn huge money. If you are literate, then online typing jobs can help you to earn huge amount of money within less period. Nowadays author or typing writers charge a large amount of money for their task.

There are many companies who want to make reports and many websites owners who want to hire authors for their sites. Many Government schemes are there which provide online data filling, form filling. So you can easily make a good amount of money online from the typing work. Typing work can also be done on the freelance basis. And you can visit the above-given sites in freelancing paragraph.

Many Private Companies, Government Bodies Issue advertisements regarding this job. So keep an eye on that.

3. Online Surveys & Polls Online Surveys cover the largest part of Online Income in India. If anybody says that he earn from online. Then people think he must be earning from online surveys. Online Surveys means Questionnaires which are to be filled by people or users online. These surveys are conducted by various institutional bodies and various private and government bodies.

Government creates surveys to get knowledge regarding law conditions, Government growth prospects and for various economic studies. Whereas private companies create surveys to get knowledge about consumer demand, Likes, company’s competitor, etc.

So You can take part in these surveys and can earn a good income from Online. There are Websites which provide a Platform for People to fill surveys. Best Online survey websites in India are Panel Station, Opinion World, India Speaks, etc are the best, high paid and trustworthy websites in India for filling Online surveys.

4. Start Own Website –  Working on a website in India nowadays is very trending. Even I Started this website as a Job. Working on websites is a little bit tough and but can generate a huge income. Don’t think I am too earning huge. This is a long-term and patience required job. But later your hard work will pay you off. Nowadays everyone in the world has mobile phone and internet connection. And the number is increasing day by day. So starting a website today can be a better investment in future.

There are many website tutorials available on internet and youtube which helps you to start your website online. Just follow those tutorials and let your website make money for you.

5. Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing can help you to earn Millions per month from Online. Yes, I am saying right. And also that’s not a tough job. Affiliate marketing means help the buyer to purchase the product from the seller. Affiliate marketer act as a middleman between both buyer and seller.

online jobs for students
affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you are helping the seller to sell his product. That’s why he gives you the commision. This is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is also the most popular way to earn online.

Some of the biggest shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon have their own affiliate network. You can signup there and can earn directly when a buyer purchase product through your affiliate marketing link. For selling international Goods you can create an account on Clickbank and can start selling in the foreign market. As in foreign, seller pays huge commissions to the affiliate marketer to help them to sell their product.

6. Starting A Youtube Channel – Everyone in the world is using Youtube on their mobile, Laptop or PC. This is the biggest platform for sharing videos. Or we can say that this is the biggest platform of Advertisement. We see ads before starting the video. That advertisement is the income of a Youtuber.

online jobs for students
Earn Money From Youtube

When people will watch your video, then before starting the video the views will see the advertiser advertisement. Then the advertiser pays the amount to youtube for this promotion. And at last YouTube in that money keep a share of its own and pay another share to the video publisher.

That how you to work, You need to create a channel and start making the videos for that channel and put those videos on your channel. When your viewers watch your video then you earn money. For start the advertisement on Youtube videos, you need to follow some terms of Google. And then you can earn money easily.

7. Online InvestmentOnline money making is not very easy nowadays due to tough competition in online Market and due to an increase of people. But this work can be made easy by doing investment job. You know that investing right money at the right place can help you to increase your money time by time.

You have to do that same in the online market. You can invest in Cryptocurrencies online, Invest in mutual funds to increase your money at a fast speed and with low risks. During the last 1 year, the trend of cryptocurrencies increased too much. People starting investing money in it and make a huge amount of money out of it. But due to this increase, after some time the price of cryptocurrencies fall too much. So we can see this is a very risky but high-profit investment task.

According to me, the investment in mutual funds will be good. Because the amount of profit in this is quite good and risk is also very low. Along with this Government also provide support in case you loss your money. Because the government is nowadays promoting Mutual funds investment, to increase the country’s economy and it also increases government revenue. Whereas in case Cryptocurrencies government didn’t provide any support instead they are imposing various conditions on investment in cryptocurrencies. Because it doesn’t create any revenue for the government. And it doesn’t help to increase the country’s economy.

Conclusion – So Above I Provided to the top 7 most famous and trusted and high paying sources of income through online work. Working online is not an easy and nor hard task. A proper work plan can help you to succeed in online marketing and business. Money making online can be a good source of income as well as it also includes risks with it. If you deciding online money making a full-time job then it is possible. But you have to work with proper dedication. Unless it can be your wrong career selection and will pinch your whole life.

So I hope that this article will help you to earn money from online jobs and will provide you a proper map to your online career selection.

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