How To Generate Aircel UPC Code Online or Port Aircel Sim

generate aircel upc code port from aircel

How To Generate Aircel UPC Code Online or Port Aircel Sim (

Hey Noobers! Hope you are enjoying our latest Tips & tricks and enjoying our content. In this post, we are gone tell you that how you can easily port Aircel sim or Port out from Aircel network. Means I will tell you the method to generate Aircel UPC Code Online so that you can port out from Aircel network.

From last few months, Aircel networks are down in many states of India. And in some states it permanently blocks. As the Aircel network suddenly gone. People are unable to their UPC Code which can be done through Sending a mobile message to 1901. So in this post, I will show you the best method to generate Aircel UPC code online by following some steps.

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Well, Aircel is not gone be shut down but yes in many states its network is too low. People are worrying that Aircel soon is shut down but that’s not. Whether it gone shut down or not but we can say that its network is too poor in many states of India. So if you are thinking of port out from it then follow all below steps.

Method to generate Aircel UPC Code Online from

  1. First of all visit the website
  2. Now you will see the space to enter mobile number & Sim Number (last five digits).
  3. Enter both details and Click on Generate UPC.
  4. That’s all!.

How to get or generate Aircel Sim Number (last 5 digits)

You can find Aircel sim number on the Backside of sim or on the backside of The pouch in which Aircel sim comes. But still, if you are not getting Aircel UPC sim card number then follow the below steps to generate Aircel sim number’s last five digits.

  1. Firstly download this Sim card info app from play store
  2. Open and you can see your sim’s serial number there.
  3. That’s it. Note down or copy the last five digits of that serial number.

2nd Method:-  Generate Aircel UPC Code Online from


  1. Firstly visit
  2. Then you can see 3 blank boxes there.
  3. That is Customer Mobile Number, SIM Number(Last 5 digits), Circle.
  4. Just fill them and click on generate UPC to generate Aircel UPC code online or to port from Aircel network.

So Above I provided you the 2 most trusted method to generate Aircel Port code or Aircel UPC code online. This method will be best for those who are not getting Aircel network in their circle or Aircel network is down in their area. Unless you can simply send an SMS to get UPC Code on your mobile number. You can generate Aircel UPC Code on message by sending PORT(Space) Your Mobile number and send it to 1901. And you will get your Aircel UPC Code on your SMS.